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Product Descriptions

VIT – 4K Fluorescence Integrated System

The VIT system is an integrated laparoscopic system that provides 4K fluorescence.The integrated system consists of an image processing unit and a light source unitand also supports an 8-inch LCD screen on the front allowing easy setting configuration.Excellent 4K resolution offers our surgeons crystal-clear images for improved visualization during surgery. Light source using LED provides a long lifetime for reducing the running cost than xenon.By adding fluorescence to the 4K image quality, the limits of visualization have been expanded, and the compact system provides short equipment preparation, easy maintenance, and cable management.

CAL – Connected AI Module

The CAL system used in conjunction with the VIT system is a medical AI that provides a more advanced surgical environment. It has an intuitive interface and offers a variety of AI applications with high-end performance.

  • Prevent rotation and handshaking: The CAL locates the camera in real-time to prevent rotation and handshaking.

  • 2D to 3D Converter: CAL uses deep learning depth estimation algorithms to provide real-time converted 3D video..

  • Surgical Video Analysis: Provides recording, capturing images, editing, archive. Allows surgeons to annotate on the fly with voice control.

  • Event Analysis: Provides Surgical Phase Recognition and Event Detection such as bleeding.

  • Research-Friendly: Allows easy application of AI algorithms for research and academic purposes.

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