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VITCAL Co., Ltd. is a medical device company that develops and manufactures laparoscopic equipment and laparoscopic surgical instruments. It was established in June 2022 by Professor Seong-Ho Kong, who is in the Department of Surgery at Seoul National University Hospital.


The laparoscopic system is the most basic and important equipment that provides a surgical field of view in various minimally invasive surgeries in which operations are performed through small holes instead of a long incision in the body.

VITCAL Co., Ltd. is developing high-definition, future-oriented laparoscopic systems to deliver clear visual information to surgeons and surgical teams so that successful surgery can be performed.


VITCAL Co., Ltd. is always listening to the experiences of the medical staff who use the devices in the operative rooms and tries to make the most user-friendly products to meet the need of the medical staff. We will also continue our research and development to develop new functional and convenient devices to enable safer and more effective surgery in line with the flow of the new scientific revolution.

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