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"Let the lights shine in darkness .."

We create surgical devices that provide the best surgical environment for surgeons and allow more people to benefit from cutting-edge surgical technology.


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Show better what is supposed to be seen

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Make invisible medical information visible

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Produce the optimal surgical equipment fit for each medical environment

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0ne of the most basic things surgeons need to make surgery safe and enjoyable is to look good. We will constantly seek the best quality and color that medical staff can satisfy.

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Through advanced technologies such as fluorescence imaging technology and artificial intelligence, we will visualize various medical information such as cancer cells and blood flow that are invisible to the general view to keep pace with the paradigm shift in surgery.

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Tertiary medical institutions responsible for surgical innovation may need high-performance devices with cutting-edge technology for new research, and the primary and secondary medical institutions that are in charge of essential surgical services may require more cost-effective devices. We will prepare multiple lineups according to the need of different environment to support the qualitative and quantitative development of minimally invasive surgery at the same time.

Core Value

Basics and Safety

Surgeon- and


Innovation and Cooperation

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Prioritize the improvement of basic core performance and safety of medical devices.

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Actively seek out and listen to the needs of the medical field. Feel rewarded and sympathetic to the satisfaction of the medical staff and the happiness of the patients.

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Constantly create innovative ideas and cooperate with experts to overcome the limitations of modern surgical care.

Professionalism and Companionship

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Pursue honesty and excellency and help and learn from each other so that we can grow together.

Humanity and Service

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Deliberate about appropriate technologies so that more people around the world can benefit from modern surgical care.

Logo System

Name of the company

VITCAL was named composing 'vit' and 'cal'. 'Vit' sounds similar to a Korean word meaning the 'light', and means ‘vital’ at the same time. 'Cal' is from 'calculation' implying our intend to interpretate, calculate, and provide diverse medical information for surgeons in a visual output.

We will try to deliver the most effective and comfortable visual information needed for operations to surgeons using cutting-edge optical technology and artificial intelligence.

Symbol Mark


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