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 Everyone will agree that one of the most important surgical innovations in modern surgery is “minimally invasive surgery” represented by laparoscopic surgery. In many types of surgery, laparoscopic surgery is performed as the primary treatment method instead of open surgery as it has proven to show comparable results to open surgery, while significantly reducing post-operative pain and enabling rapid activity.

 The challenge spirit and the effort for research of the surgeons and the contribution of many patients who participated in clinical trials were the main motivities to establish minimally invasive surgery, but it was also supported by the advance in laparoscopic systems and surgical instruments. The laparoscopic system assists the surgeon’s eyes by illuminating a dark internal space through a small hole, and laparoscopic surgical instruments help the surgeon’s hands in an environment of limited movement.

 Compared to the early laparoscopic systems, the latest devices have made rapid progress to provide high-resolution image quality and clear and bright images. In addition, advanced functions including near-infrared fluorescence imaging or artificial intelligence are also being installed or planned to be installed in the laparoscopic system, with R&Ds being actively conducted. However, as the performance of the device increases, the price also increases. So not all high-performance laparoscopic devices may not be readily available to surgeons. Even from a global perspective, laparoscopic surgery is not widely used due to the burden of cost, and there are still many regions that do not receive the benefits of minimally invasive surgery.

 VITCAL Co., Ltd. was established to develop and distribute high-performance laparoscopic equipment at an appropriate cost so that more people can enjoy the advantages of minimally invasive surgery and the latest engineering technology. Since the surgeon is in charge of the CEO position, we can accurately understand and collect the actual needs in the operation room from surgeons and medical staff. We are working hard to develop devices that can make minimally invasive surgery more sophisticated and safer using our own technology that is free from royalty issues.

 VITCLA Co., Ltd. considers the health and happiness of patients as the most important purpose, and will always listen to the opinions of medical staff. We will always do our best to ensure that the best science and technology are used in the operating room to provide the best and most enjoyable surgery.

Thank you.



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